Computer diagnostic FREE!

  • We check performance and functionality of your computer
  • We check running programs on background
  • We check usage of CPU, memory and drives
  • We check functionality of antivirus program
  • We recommend changes to improve performance of your computer
  • You pay only for departure
  • You can order one of the next special packages:

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Other services

  • Regular service for companies and residential customers
  • Effective solutions for small companies
  • Home multimedia centers
  • Web presentations from 200€ incl. VAT
  • Data backup, copy and transfer
  • Consulting service for computers, networks and software


Our benefits

  • Servise NONSTOP
  • Servise AT YOUR HOME
  • No hidden fees
  • Service above 30€ NO DEPARTURE FEE
  • Regular service NO DEPARTURE FEE
  • More than 20 years of experiences with computers
  •  We offer professional approach with human face
  • We speak fluently English
  • ASUS
  • nVidia
  • AMD
  • Intel
  • DELL
  • Logitech